The top 8 about Kate

Let me start this post by congratulating you on selecting this blog to read. I hope it provides you with a little slice of happy to the start, break, or finish to your day.


Just like everything in our culture; this blog naturally represents a specific “Brand” that will either attract or detract future addicted viewers. To understand exactly what exactly–

Let’s call it… vibe–

I am putting out there, I decided to talk to some close friends and shoot out some emails to gather feedback about the look of my blog. The top 8 Responses included…

  1.       Classy but functional — I plan to incorporate things that I would actually like to use in my own everyday life!
  2.       Modern — I think this shines naturally with being a creative 2o something year old. 
  3.       Accessible and diverse to a broad audience — Men; women; everyone is always welcome!
  4.       Aware of using available resources — There is SO much out there to explore and create. 
  5.       Bright and Cute — I believe that there are very few things in this world that cannot be improved by color.
  6.       Inspiring to all ages — I am an aunt and take care of small kids a lot, I plan to make my blog interesting and engaging to all ages. 
  7.       Provides a mental break — I know that sometimes I, like you, just want a brief way to escape at your desk. 
  8.       High society for the everyday — Keeping it clean and fun is my main goal. 

Throughout my feedback comments, I came to the conclusion that my blog is giving off the EXACT vibe that I want. In future thanks to the many creative geniuses of our time blogging away, this girl is ready to take her creations online.

Gouache Valentine Print

Here’s a suggestion

…I’m just going to throw this out there and you can throw it right back….

Join Me. Follow me. let me follow you. contact me. Fill up your glass of sweet tea and let’s get some customized words headed your direction.

xo. K.


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