Big Life, Big City.

A time ago I made a 4 month change in location from a small town in Indiana to our nation’s capital…. Washington D.C!

whoa, right? I know. 

Still in love with the creativity around us, I had decided to capture some of the beautiful art surrounding me each day as inspiration for later times. Let’s take a look from my journal on day 3 as a city dweller as an example:

“I am waiting on my supervisor to meet me for a 6pm dinner and, being the early person that I am, sat in a local Starbucks to kill some time pulling out my small sketchpad that I always carry with me. While being one of MANY cafe goers getting their evening fix of caffeine before a late Friday night, I began sketching a picture of the Capital in my fashion notepad . Just at the point of the drawing where it finally started to look like something, a local artist’s gaze interrupted my zone as she was over my shoulder admiring my work. She introduced herself, we then held a lovely conversation about art. It wasn’t lengthy, but it was nice. It makes my heart happy to think that even in a large city like D.C., creativity is constantly being curated between complete strangers.  whether you are distanced by a couple computer screens or Caramel Macchiato’s.


I’d encourage you to take your sketchpad, knitting needles, or photoshop out in the the open of wherever you are at and start creating. Look up while you sip that -oh so smooth- peppermint mocha extra whip next time,  the world is full of creativity and it all starts with you.

Go create something beautiful.


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