Reading Between the Lines.


Happy Autumn Creators!

Now that the leaves are becoming crisp, the drink are becoming warm, and the days are becoming shorter, I thought I would take a break to remind each of you just how valued you are as you are.

In a society narrowly focused on fitting into a specific mold, the idea of ‘ the artist’ typically is not viewed with the same status as someone who introduces him or herself with a structured 9 to 5 titled job. With this stereotype circulating the Generation Y crowd more than ever, one can easily find themselves discouraged and confused as to where their passion is calling them and if they should answer it.

Sometimes it would be nice if our passion would just text us instead, maybe keep a twitter feed of daily options we might enjoy.


Thankfully the creative culture online can compile inspirations from every angle of the web and inspire each artist in a specific way. Maybe deciding your role in life is not something that is on your heart at this time. Maybe you are looking to expand your house, take up sewing, build your kids a swing set, plant a garden, conquer a fear, read a book… heck, write a book, or even just make it to the weekend. Millions of people are looking to share, inspire, and empower all people whether their status level is superior to theirs or not.


So take this moment for yourself. Scroll through some quotes. Respond and reflect in a journal or on a sketch pad. Share it with a friend over coffee (or some Pumpkin Spiced Puppy Chow). Set it as your Wallpaper. Print it for your fridge.





Here’s a little nugget from me to you:

Do not let the intimidation of a new day go by underestimating all of the greatness you can bring to it.


It’s your turn to inspire someone else now. Seriously.

So go….Create Something Beautiful.


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  1. LuAnn Steury says:

    I Love reading your blog:)

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