Who is behind the honeysuckle.

Spark note version: I am Kate. I loose time in sweet words. I live for Jesus and put my family first. My favorite color is sparkle. oh, and we just became best friends.

The online world is quickly becoming every artist’s fantasy. In a world with unlimited resources revolutionizing all corners of creativity, I plan to share with you my passion of words and simple images ranging in all forms of art. Keeping posts simple, personal, efficient, and honest, I blog my artistic needs in the hopes of expanding my viewers- I mean “best friends”- awareness of what all sweet words still have to offer the person who needs it most in your life.

My story is simple yet enchanting. I have a passion for art. I have an amazing and supportive husband and family. I love laughter. I enjoy the water. I smile for no reason. I like to create. I appreciate the change of seasons. I bask in the flavor of both fine dining and a gas station pickle. I don’t let anyone dull my sparkle.

In addition to my addiction to all forms of art– the colors, the lines, the emotion– This blog reflects my many other interest in life. From food to fashion, fitness to photography, my blog is for the student procrastinating homework, the mom wanting to spice things up in the kitchen, or even the neighbor looking to create organization.

So now that you’re here and pumped to get creative, let’s dive head first into this bright world together and create something both sweet & beautiful.




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